Monday, March 1, 2010

UADX#149 published

In this edition we have an in-depth study of the broadcasting situation as it unfolds in Myanmar / Burma where the government is on an expanded media coverage. It has been exciting to observe off the air as well as dig related info from the Internet. This brings me to expand a little bit about our approach to DXing. UADX was formed to go beyond the standard SWL club in the hay-day of dxing in South Asia and our goals are the same today, of course with increased vigour. Our brand of dxing is what we call “Investigative DXing” not just looking for a station on a given frequency, to log it and send a report or report it to a dx news magazine, but to find new info, why and how. When you go through our pages you will understand what we mean. We also like some background information so that people find a story behind the arithmetic of a jumble of frequencies.

SPECIAL EDITION # 150. The next issue will carry dx related articles. We invite you to write an article covering any aspect of dx-ing. It could be about your own experiences as a dx-er which always make an interesting story for other dx-ers. You are welcome to send us clear jpg photographs of your shack and other interesting material. Since this material is archived and also is on the DX-Asia info web site, it will have a wide coverage. We are increasing our outreach and as the weeks go by, we will expand it even more. Let us have your thoughts and ideas as well.

The deadline for the next issue will be the last Friday in March, so that we can get the issue out by Sunday night. 73 and good dxing.Victor Goonetilleke

Read the complete edition#149 here.

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