Tuesday, March 27, 2012

BBC Hindi on SW

W.e.f 27th March 2012 BBC Hindi has introduced the following schedule :
0100-0130 9440-OMA, 9915-CYP, 11995-SNG, 15510-THA [LIVE]

0230-0300 9410-CYP, 11975-DHA, 15510-THA, 17510-THA [recording of 0100-0130 hrs]*

1400-1430 7565-THA, 9410-CYP, 9510-THA, 11795-SNG, 15470-CYP [LIVE]

1600-1630 7565-THA, 9605-SNG, 9675-CYP, 15710-CYP [recording of 1400-1430 hrs]*

* Recorded b'cast but with live announcements at the begining,middle and closing.

Relay : CYP-Cyprus, OMA-Oman, SNG-Singapore, THA-Thailand

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