Thursday, June 6, 2013

PCJ Radio

New frequency for next hour-long PCJ broadcast via Sri Lanka is 11835 kHz:
from  Trincomalee,Sri Lanka

Due to co-channel interference on 11750 kHz we will change frequency for
this Sunday, June 2nd. The new frequency is 11835 kHz. Your comments and
reports about this new frequency are important. 

June 16th - 1300-1400 UT
June 23rd - 1300-1400 UT
June 30th - 1300-1400 UT
July  7th - 1300-1400 UT

Frequency: 11835 kHz (25 mb). Target Area: East and Southeast Asia.
Power: 125 kW
Reports are wanted and all reports will be QSLd

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