Saturday, July 20, 2013

DXASIA is back but as

Our Advisor Andy Sennitt writes :
I'm pleased to announce that DXAsia, which has been unreachable since
early June, is now back online at a new URL - If you have
bookmarked this site, please update your bookmarks. Alok is busy updating
the pages. 

The story of why the site went offline is a long one, but basically I
registered the old domain 10 years ago, changed my email address and
forgot to update the details with the company that held the registration,
so I never received a notification that it was due for renewal. They have
proved less than helpful in getting us back online, so we decided to
register the site with an Indian company that Alok can deal with more
easily. It continues to be hosted in the UK. Please spread the word that
the site is back.
Visit the website here

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