Monday, June 14, 2010

NHK Hindi on 11825 kHz

Starting 14 June 2010 Radio Japan(NHK) is using 11825 kHz in Hindi at 1345-1430 hrs from Tashkent. Reception is very good till 1400 hrs and then slight interference noted from BBC Arabic on 11820 kHz from Cyprus.

Friday, June 4, 2010

News from SLBC

SLBC's Korean Service on 15120 1030-1130 via DW Trinco will cease
temporarily from the 4th of June. SLBC instead starts another hour
of Hindi to India on 11905 kHz via Trinco 355 beam with 200kW
1530-1630 UTC.

Reception reports will be welcome to Engineer AM Services, Sri Lanka
Broadcasting Corporation, P.O.Box 574 Colombo. SLBC in association
with the Union of Asian DXers will QSL all reports on all its SW
broadcasts during June. If the project is successful we will extend

0055-0330(Sun 0430) 6005, 9770, 15745 English to Asia,
0020-0500, 0830-1230, 11905, 7190,
1530-1630 11905,
1615-1830 11750

SLBC is also progressing with the installation of a 50kW MW
transmitter in Puttalam on 1125 kHz to beam to South India where
there are large numbers of Sri Lankans who fled the war over the last
30 years, and also to strengthen the coverage to the North of Sri
[Victor Goonetilleke]