Tuesday, March 27, 2012

BBC Hindi on SW

W.e.f 27th March 2012 BBC Hindi has introduced the following schedule :
0100-0130 9440-OMA, 9915-CYP, 11995-SNG, 15510-THA [LIVE]

0230-0300 9410-CYP, 11975-DHA, 15510-THA, 17510-THA [recording of 0100-0130 hrs]*

1400-1430 7565-THA, 9410-CYP, 9510-THA, 11795-SNG, 15470-CYP [LIVE]

1600-1630 7565-THA, 9605-SNG, 9675-CYP, 15710-CYP [recording of 1400-1430 hrs]*

* Recorded b'cast but with live announcements at the begining,middle and closing.

Relay : CYP-Cyprus, OMA-Oman, SNG-Singapore, THA-Thailand

Thursday, March 22, 2012

BBC Hindi Morning

According to BBC Hindi service announcements they are going to re-start their morning service at 0100-0130 hrs as from 27th March. May be they'll b'cast the evening transmission for 30min instead of 60min as at the moment.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A12-Vatican Radio to S-Asia

From 25th March Vatican Radio will use different transmitter sites for their b'cast to S.Asia.
0025-0040 hrs Urdu Mo,Th on 9580 & 11730 kHz(both from Santa Maria)
0040-0200 hrs Hindi,Tamil,Malayalam, English on 9850(Santa Maria) & 11730 kHz(Tashkent)
0200-0320 hrs Hindi,Tamil,Malayalam, English on 15460 kHz (Palauig,Philippines)

1415-1430 hrs Urdu Su,We on 11850(Tinang,Philippines), 13765(Santa Maria), 17520(Madagascar)
1430-1550 hrs Hindi,Tamil,Malayalam,English on 11850(Tinang,Philippines),13765(Tashkent), 17520(Madagascar).On Sat Mass extended till 1600 hrs.

A12-R.Veritas Asia

2 new frequencies are to be introduced by Radio Veritas Asia in A12, starting 25th March. Telegu at 1430-1500 hrs will be on 11750 kHz (replacing 9515) and Chin for N.E.India at 1430-1500 hrs on 11870 kHz(replacing 9620 kHz).

Sunday, March 11, 2012

VOA English new freq

In order to improve reception in South Asia, with effect from 13th March, VOA English is moving on to 15185 kHz (from the Philippines) replacing 15620 kHz at 0100-0200 UTC.