Monday, November 25, 2013

B13 schedule updated

Most of the schedule information has been updated for B13 season. Still more updation is going on and any new changes or corrections are very much welcome at the usual DXAsia address. Changes made after B13 introduced on 27th October has also been included, namely, VOA,Vatican Radio.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Vatican Radio drops Urdu service

With effect from 4th September Vatican Radio is closing down its Urdu language broadcast. The following transmissions will no longer be broadcast :

11730 kHz, 15470 kHz      0025-0040 hrs  UTC      Monday, Thursday   
15460 kHz   0320-0335 hrs UTC Monday,Thursday
11850 kHz, 15110 kHz      1415-1430 hrs   UTC     Sunday, Wednesday   

Additional Freqs for BBC WS

In order to avoid noise jamming BBC added some frequencies for their World Service broadcast to South Asia in English :
0000-0100 hrs 7320 kHz via Dhabayya
0100-0200 hrs 9500 kHz via Tashkent
1500-1600 hrs 9735 kHz via Tashkent
1600-1700 hrs 9910 kHz via Tashkent

Saturday, July 20, 2013

DXASIA is back but as

Our Advisor Andy Sennitt writes :
I'm pleased to announce that DXAsia, which has been unreachable since
early June, is now back online at a new URL - If you have
bookmarked this site, please update your bookmarks. Alok is busy updating
the pages. 

The story of why the site went offline is a long one, but basically I
registered the old domain 10 years ago, changed my email address and
forgot to update the details with the company that held the registration,
so I never received a notification that it was due for renewal. They have
proved less than helpful in getting us back online, so we decided to
register the site with an Indian company that Alok can deal with more
easily. It continues to be hosted in the UK. Please spread the word that
the site is back.
Visit the website here

Thursday, June 6, 2013

DX site

Due to some technical difficulties is not available at the moment. We're working on it  and will be back soon. In the meantime this blog will continue to be updated regularly.

VOA English

Due to interference VOA in English to S.Asia is now at 1400-1500(Mon-Fri) on 15490 kHz from the Philippines and 1500-1600 daily on the same 15490 kHz from Thailand. This replaces 12120kHz. Parallel channels for this period 7575 kHz (Thailand) and 12150kHz(Philiipines).

PCJ Radio

New frequency for next hour-long PCJ broadcast via Sri Lanka is 11835 kHz:
from  Trincomalee,Sri Lanka

Due to co-channel interference on 11750 kHz we will change frequency for
this Sunday, June 2nd. The new frequency is 11835 kHz. Your comments and
reports about this new frequency are important. 

June 16th - 1300-1400 UT
June 23rd - 1300-1400 UT
June 30th - 1300-1400 UT
July  7th - 1300-1400 UT

Frequency: 11835 kHz (25 mb). Target Area: East and Southeast Asia.
Power: 125 kW
Reports are wanted and all reports will be QSLd

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Recent SLBC Changes

Received a mail from :

SLBC are gearing themselves to come out strongly from Saturday 1st June ’13 by upgrading their transmission output by 1,250% on the 31m band’s 9770khz signal from a previous mere 10kwts output to 125kwts output as they transfer their Short Wave relay operation from historic Ekala on the west coastline to Nilaveli in Trincomalee on the Eastern coastline.

SLBC are dropping out on the previous 49m (6005khz) ; 19m (15745khz) bands on the English All Asia Service ; would continue operating only a single but previously very popular band of 31m band on the 9770khz frequency in the future.

The only hitch’s that the English All Asia Service would be operating from 0215 – 0330hrs daily.

Many Short Wave specialists believe that this enhanced output would be sufficient to cover entire Indian geography?

Here’s the revised frequencies & broadcast times….

1.    0115-0213 UTC Hindi AAS on 11905khz on the 25m band. (2 minutes at end to quickly retune transmitter to 31m band)

2. 0215-0330 UTC English AAS on 9770khz on the 31m band.

3.    1115-1215 UTC South Indian dialects on 9770khz on the 31m band.

Request knowing the reception status in each of your locations, preferably by return Email.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

A13-VOA changes

Effective 20th April VOA Bengali is using 11790 kHz from Thailand relay instead of Philippines relay to imrpove reception in the target areas.

Also there are many changes for the English service which is included in the STATION pages  under VOA Washington.

Friday, April 12, 2013

No MW 1575 for VOA Bengali

Due to special broadcast by Radio Thailand in Thai there will be no MW coverage of VOA Bengali b'cast at 1600-1700 hrs on 15th,17-19th April ONLY  on 1575 kHz. The SW service of VOA Bengali service will continue viz. on 7475 and 11790 kHz.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A13 schedule updated

Most of the schedule information has been updated for A13 season. Still more updation is going on and any new changes or corrections are very much welcome at the usual DXAsia address.

Saturday, March 30, 2013


VATICAN RADIO : Last minute changes to Vatican Radio b'casts:
0040-0200 hrs (M,Th from0025) new freq 15470 kHz via Philippines instead of 17770 kHz:

RADIO JAPAN : NHK in Hindi at 1430-1515 hrs on 15745 kHz (via Madagascar) morning Hindi at 0100-0130 hrs on 11590 kHz and Urdu continues on 13870 kHz(Dhabayya) at 1515-1600 hrs.

BBC World Service : BBC World Service in English has dropped all non-pick listening time  programs in the A13 period. Thus for South Asia there will be no transmissions between 0300 and 1300 hrs. BBC WS in English can now be heard at 0000 to 0300 hrs and again at 1300 to 1700 hrs only. The language services can be heard as per the following schedules :

0030-0100  9810 11700 15310
0130-0200  9835 17615
1330-1400  5855 7565 11730
1400-1500  9410 9610 11730 (Su,Tu)
1630-1700  5875 7465 9540

0100-0130   9410 9915 11995 15510
0230-0300 12095 15510 17510 17870
1400-1430  7565 9395 9510 11795
1600-1630  7600 9605 9700 15710

1630-1700  9500 13830 15690

1545-1615  9500 13830 15690

0130-0200  7395 9410 9915 15510
0300-0330 11995 13580 15510 17510
1500-1600  9510 11730(till 1545) 12075 17790

Sunday, March 10, 2013

A13-Changes Part-1

The new season A13 is to start on Sunday 31st March. Highlights of some of the changes :

Hindi      1330-1400 hrs 11870 (ex 11915)
Bengali   1400-1427 hrs on 11870 (ex 11915)
Sinhala  0000-0027 hrs on 15460 (ex-9810)

Bengali 1300-1345 11685 (ex-12035)

0025-0040 Urdu(Mo,Th) 11730(SMG), 17770(Philippines)
0040-0200 Hindi,Tamil,Malayalam, English(20' each) on 11730(Tashkent) 17770(Philippines)

0200-0320 Hindi,Tamil,Malayalam, English(20' each) on 15460 (Palauig)
0320-0335 Urdu (Mo,Th) on 15460 (Palauig)

1415-1430 Urdu (Su,We) on 11850(Tashkent), 15110 (Philippines)
1430-1550 Hindi,Tamil,Malayalam, English(20' each) on 11850(Tashkent), 15110 (Philippines) On Sat Mass continues till 1600 hrs from 1530 hrs.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

RVA Sinhala

Effective 24 February 2013 Radio Veritas Asia,Manila is introducing a new freq 9810kHz replacing 15460 kHz in Sinhala  at 0000-0027 hrs in parallel to 11855 kHz. This replacement is necessary due to propagation on 15 MHz band.

Friday, January 18, 2013

R.Veritas changes

Due to cochannel interference from Romania, Radio Veritas Asia is changing evening frequency for South Asia in Hindi at 1330-1400 and Bengali at 1400-1427 hrs effective 27th January 2013. The new freq is 11915 kHz replacing 11870 kHz and is valid till 30th March 2013.

Also Morning Tamil service is also moving to 11855 kHz replacing 11935kHz(due to cochannel interference from CRI) at 0030-0057 hrs from the same day.