Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Vatican Radio drops Urdu service

With effect from 4th September Vatican Radio is closing down its Urdu language broadcast. The following transmissions will no longer be broadcast :

11730 kHz, 15470 kHz      0025-0040 hrs  UTC      Monday, Thursday   
15460 kHz   0320-0335 hrs UTC Monday,Thursday
11850 kHz, 15110 kHz      1415-1430 hrs   UTC     Sunday, Wednesday   

Additional Freqs for BBC WS

In order to avoid noise jamming BBC added some frequencies for their World Service broadcast to South Asia in English :
0000-0100 hrs 7320 kHz via Dhabayya
0100-0200 hrs 9500 kHz via Tashkent
1500-1600 hrs 9735 kHz via Tashkent
1600-1700 hrs 9910 kHz via Tashkent